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Best sofa fabric for allergies

Best sofa fabric for allergies

It’s very unpleasant when relaxing on your couch while watching TV with your family and interrupted by things that cause you to be allergic, that makesĀ  you itch and sneeze.

Generally allergies are caused by mold, dust and mites hiding inside the couches. If you are planning to buy a new sofa and you have allergies to dust, mold, and mites. It would be a good idea to consider choosing a hypoallergenic sofa upholstery.

Best sofa upholstery for allergies

There are various kinds of sofa materials that can prevent mold and dust. a material that has a woven structure that can eliminate the access of dust mites. Materials such as leather, vinyl, microfiber and polyester are perfect as a hypoallergenic sofa upholstery that is good for people with allergies.

Keep reading for more information about the best sofa fabric for allergies that can make you more comfortable while sitting on the couch without worrying about dust and mites.


Leather is one of the most popular sofa upholstery options because it has a variety of color choices that makes your room look more classy and elegant. Leather is also one of the best hypoallergenic material options for allergy sufferers.

Leather sofa is easy to clean due to it has a tight surface, that makes it does not accumulate dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens.

Buying a real leather sofa can be very expensive, generally leather sofas will cost you more than $3000. but are well worth it in the long run, because leather materials are very durable.

If you have a limited budget, you can choose faux leather or imitation leather with a cheaper and affordable price which is suitable for allergy sufferers. On Amazon or wayfair you can buy an imitation leather sofa that costs around $300.

One of the advantages of having a leather sofa that is easy to clean. You can easily clean using a soft cloth to remove dust and pet hair once a week.

TIP: Make sure to always keep your sofa clean and dry because a wet sofa that is not properly cleaned can cause moldy surfaces and that make your skin irritation. Leather sofas are also more prone to scratches than fabric, so they are not very pet friendly.


Vinyl is the same as leather materials. It also has a tight texture, so it doesn’t accumulate dust and mites. Vinyl is a suitable alternative for those of you who are allergic to dust and mites but have a limited budget and can’t afford to buy expensive leather sofa

Vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a tough and durable synthetic plastic polymer. Some types of vinyl are water and fire resistant. If you want to buy a sofa that is placed on the veranda or near a window that is often exposed to the sun, vinyl would be a great choice. We all know upholstery if exposed to the sun a lot the color will fade but on vinyl the effect will be much less Since vinyl effectively blocks the sun, it can protect other fabrics and materials that are sensitive to the sun.

Because it is easy to clean and not easily scratched vinyl is the choice most often used in restaurants. You will be able to easily find vinyl upholstery on your household furniture because it is cheap, easy to clean, durable and does not aggravate allergies.

3. Polyester

There are certain medical conditions that make some people allergic to polyester. If you are allergic to polyester then this sofa upholstery is not for you. But if you are looking for a sofa upholstery that can help you reduce allergies to dust, then polyester is the right choice.

If you have asthma There is less risk of developing allergies if you choose polyester sofa upholstery over other fabric upholstery alternatives such as wool and cotton. Polyester offers a tighter weave so that it does not cause dust and mites to settle which is a suitable material choice if you have dust allergies. That means less sneezing, skin reactions, and breathing problems over time when choosing the synthetic option.

One of the main features that you should consider to reduce allergies is a material that is easy to clean and polyester is one of them. Polyester will hold most stains better than natural fibers like cotton. In addition, polyester is also more durable than some natural fibers. A sofa with a polyester lining is also not easy to fade, therefore in the next five years the color will not change too much.

The price of a new polyester sofa is very affordable, you can easily find it on Amazon or wayfair for an average price of $300 with an attractive design. It is perfect for those of you who have a limited budget but want a sofa that can overcome your allergies.


Microfiber sofas do not collect dust so they are perfect for allergy sufferers. Microfiber technology makes it impossible to collect dust particles.It has very small fibers, and a denser weave, which has the advantage of less dust or other allergens that can seep into and through the fabric, making your sofa more hypoallergenic, in addition to that microfiber is also stain resistant and easy to clean, perfect for you that allergy to dust

If you like suede material and have a limited budget then microfiber would be perfect for you. The only drawback of microfiber material is that it is a magnet for pet hair. so it is not suitable if you have a cat or dog that often lies on your sofa unless you like to clean the sofa from fur several times a day.

The microfiber material is also designed to last. You don’t have to worry about tearing, it makes microfiber sofas more durable than other sofas.

If you like the look and feel of leather, but have a limited budget then microfiber is the perfect alternative for you.

Bad sofa fabric for allergic

Often before you buy a sofa, the first thing you consider is the design and color. And you forget that you have allergies. Therefore, make sure before you buy your new sofa to avoid some materials that can easily become a nest of dust.

if you like sofas that are upholstered in chenille, or velvet. Remember that they are not allergy friendly so dust, mites, and pet dander can easily accumulate on the fabric. so it doesn’t suit you.

1. Chenille

Chenille is one of the most popular sofa materials because of its elegant appearance. Chenille is known to be soft and durable and should be vacuumed regularly with an additional brush. If you are a very busy person and lazy to clean your sofa often, then chenille is not suitable for you who suffer from allergies

chenille is also impractical for families with dogs and cats or children as it gets dirty easily and must be cleaned frequently to keep dust from settling. Even though it has a more elegant appearance that looks like silk, make sure to avoid this material if you have allergies to dust

2. Velvet

Velvet is a symbol of comfort and luxury. Sofa that uses Velvet material adds a luxurious and elegant impression to your room. In addition, a very attractive color combination adds an unforgettable impression to your living room.

Although it is made of soft and comfortable material for you to sit on, Velvet is very easy for dust to settle so it must be cleaned regularly. In addition, Velvet is not easy to clean and the wrong cleaning process can cause damage to the surface, making it very impractical for those of you who have small children and pets

Final words

Design and color is one of the main considerations before you buy a new sofa. but things to remember If you have allergies, consider choosing a material that does not accumulate dust and is easy to clean.

Always keep your house clean and if necessary Use a dehumidifier and air filter to keep your living room fresh.

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