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Best way to clean Polyester couch easily

How to clean Polyester couch

How to clean Polyester couch – Sofa and couch is one of the most favorite places for families to gather, watch TV, play games and chat. On the couch, we often eat snacks, food and drinks. Not only our family, even the couch is also a favorite place for our pets to rest so that the condition of the sofa gets dirty and smelly quickly.

Most families prefer polyester sofa Because polyester has strong characteristics, lightweight and comfort so it is one of the favorite materials for sofas, but one of the disadvantages for having a couch made by polyester is, it is difficult to clean if it gets stained.

Here is the best way to clean a polyester sofa from various kinds of stains easily and completely for beginners

1. Clean water stain off polyester couch

One of most often left on the sofa is water stains. The minerals that are left will stick to the sofa. Even though it has dried, it leaves stains that are difficult to remove. if you are asking, how to clean water stain off Polyester couch? Here are the simple steps:

  1. Mix 3/4 white vinegar with ⅓ of water and add to the bottle sprayer
  2. Spray liquid to microfiber cloth or towel. Make sure your microfiber cloth is not too wet
  3. Gently dabbing the stain with microfiber cloth. Don’t rub fabric with too much pressure
  4. Dry your couch using a hair dryer with the lowest setting (not too hot). If not dry properly it will still leave a water stain.

Things that need to be considered during the cleaning process, do not put water directly into the couch because it will take more time for drying process

If you often experience water stain problems, try to prevent the water stain by using a couch waterproof cover

If you are tired of cleaning the water stain that keeps repeating on your sofa fabric, consider buying a leather couch next time.

2. Clean dog hair off Polyester couch

Apart from water stains, the most common problem that happens in polyester couches is dog and cat hair. Because the sofa is a very comfortable place for dogs and cats to have a rest.

The easiest way to clean dog hair is to use a vacuum cleaner. However, if you are asking, how to clean dog hair off polyester couch without a vacuum cleaner, here are the easiest steps:

  1. Fill the bucket with water
  2. Put on rubber cleaning gloves. using Sticky rubber gloves can lift the hair on the surface of the couch just by touching it.
  3. Rub your hands over the couch polyester. Your gloves will automatically lift the hair like a magnet
  4. Keep rubbing your couch until all the hair is on the gloves.
  5. Dip rubber gloves in a bucket of water. The hair will float off into the water
  6. Dry the gloves from the water and repeat the steps until your sofa is clean.

Maybe at first glance the method above looks so simple and makes you doubt and you are wondering, does it really work? But the fact is using rubber gloves Is more effective than using any type of brush and lint roller. Trust me, a rubber glove is time and life saver!

3. Clean Polyester couch without water

Some types of couches and sofas use a special fabric so they cannot be washed and cleaned using water. And suggestions from the manufacturer, it is better if cleaning is done with dry cleaning. However, calling a couch dry cleaning service is quite expensive.

For the cleaning process you will need a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, soft brush, towel, rubbing alcohol / IPA, stiff brush and bottle sprayer.

When doing the reclining process keep pets away. Make sure the vents are open for air circulation in and out. And always use a mask when doing the cleaning process because flying dust is not good for health.

Here’s how to easily dry clean a sofa and couch for beginners:

  1. Brush the sofa with a stiff brush to remove any dust inside
  2. Use a vacuum to vacuum the sofa
  3. Spray rubbing alcohol on a towel and rub it against the sofa. Alcohol is act like a solvent to migrate the dirt to the towel
  4. Vacuum again to remove all the dirt

You can replace alcohol with Solvent and follow the manual instructions.

4. wash polyester couch cover in washing machine

Maybe you are wondering if it is possible to wash the couch cover in a washing machine? Will the cover not wrinkle if you wash it in a washing machine? Most couch covers can be cleaned in a washing machine. To prevent the couch cover from wrinkling, use cold water and never use warm and hot water during the washing process

So How to wash polyester covers in the washing machine? Here are the easiest and complete steps:

  1. Remove the couch cover. Make sure to remove the zipper if possible
  2. If there are dirty stains, use shampoo to clean before putting it in the washing machine
  3. Turn the couch cover inside out to keep the color bright and not faded.
  4. Put cold water in the washing machine.
  5. Use a mild detergent and wash thoroughly in the washing machine
  6. Hang it in a warm place and not exposed to direct sunlight. Remember to not dry the couch cover in very hot temperatures

If you want to iron your couch cover. Use a low temperature and don’t overheat. It will do the tricks!!

5.clean vomit smell off Polyester couch

If you have a baby or a pet, they sometimes vomit accidentally on the couch causing your sofa to become dirty and leave bed smell. You may be able to clean the stain but you are wondering how to clean up the vomiting smell off the Polyester couch. Here are the simple steps that you can follow:

  1. If it just happened, wipe off the vomit as clean as possible. Discard using plastic bag
  2. Mix vinegar with water in ratio 1: 1 and put it in a bottle sprayer
  3. Spray on the sofa
  4. Use a soft brush to clean a vomit stain.
  5. Rinse by spraying using plain water and towel, let it dry.
  6. After the sofa dry, to get rid of the vomiting smell, cover the area with baking soda and leave it for a few hours
  7. Vacuum the sofa to remove any baking soda residue
  8. If you still smell of vomit odor, use the Kids n pets odor remover
  9. You just need to spray kids and pet’s cleaner onto the smelly couch
  10. Let it dry on its own and the smell will disappear

Kids n pets odor remover is also very effective at removing the smell of baby urine left on the sofa.

Final verdict

That’s all the complete method to cleaning a polyester couch from all kinds of stains and smells. Which stains do you think are the most difficult to clean if they stick to your polyester sofa?

share your experience for cleaning the stained couch. is there another more effective way to clean stains on polyester sofas? Please share your thoughts in the comments section

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