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3 Best Tips to clean slime from couch

clean slime from couch

How to get slime off couch – Slime is one of the favorite toys for children. However, slime sometimes accidentally sticks to the couch and makes you confuse, how to clean it.

Did you know that slime is one of stains that are very difficult to clean when sticking to the couch? wet slime relatively easy to clean than dried slime. Before cleaning slime stains using chemicals, you should know the characteristics of your sofa. If you use the wrong chemical to clean your couch, it can damage your sofa color and texture.

In this article, we will share the easiest way to remove slime stains from microfiber and leather couch or sofas without having to damage the color and texture of your couch. We divided it into 3 ways to make it easier for you to clean your couch without damaging it

Lets jump to the first method of how to remove slime from couch:

1.Clean slime on microfiber couch

Cleaning slime stains can be very difficult to do. The residue left behind can cause a permanent mark. cleaning it only with a damp cloth or only by using a brush will not clean the slime stain thoroughly, therefore a proper way is needed to clean slime stains

One of the most frequently used materials for cleaning the couch is white vinegar because it is very easy to find in the kitchen and proven to be effective in removing various kinds of stains on fiber couches. Here are the steps to clean the sofa and couch with white vinegar

  1. Remove slime as much as possible from your couch
  2. Mix ⅔ white vinegar with ⅓ water and put it in a bottle sprayer
  3. Spray the liquid to your sofa with slime stain
  4. Scrub gently with a toothbrush
  5. Use a towel dampened with a bit water and rub it on the couch to remove the smell of white vinegar
  6. Use a dry towel and press on the cleaned part of the sofa to dry your couch.

The alternative of using white vinegar, you can also use alcohol to clean the sofa or couch from slime stains. To use alcohol, you only need to prepare alcohol without a mixture of water and a soft brush. Spray alcohol on the couch and scrub with a soft brush. Your couch will dry in a few minutes, because of the nature of alcohol which dissolves when exposed to oxygen.

Please remember to not use alcohol for leather sofas because it can fade the leather color and change the texture.

2.Clean slime on the leather sofa

The characteristics of leather are different from microfiber, using harsh chemicals on leather sofas can damage the texture and color of your couch and sofa. Therefore, we need the right way and materials so that your leather couch returns to normal if it is hit by slime stains

Things to consider When cleaning slime stains on leather sofas, avoid using scrubbing pads. Because using abrasive scrubbing pads on leather sofas can cause permanent damage to the surface. We recommend using a soft microfiber cloth

Here are easy steps to clean a leather sofa from wet and dry slime stains:

  1. Fill a bowl with a bit water
  2. Mix a few drops of mild dish soap in a bowl
  3. Stir the water and mild dish soap until it is foamy. You will use foam to clean your couch so make sure you add enough soap to produce lots of foam
  4. Place the microfiber cloth in the foam and make sure it is not too wet
  5. Gently rub the part of the couch with microfiber cloth
  6. Repeat this a few times until the slime stain is gone
  7. After the sofa is clean and dry, use a leather conditioner to keep your it looks more attractive

Method above is very effective for removing slime stains. Make sure not to use a very wet microfiber cloth which can eventually drip and wet your leather sofa, because leather sofas should not be exposed to overly wet conditions.

If the slime stain is very hard and difficult to clean, so the method above cannot help you get rid of the slime stain, you can replace the soap with vinegar. If using vinegar the method would be the same with cleaning microfiber sofa. Just make sure not to use abrasive pad or brush

As I mentioned before, don’t use alcohol for cleaning a leather couch and sofa. If you still wanna use alcohol, make sure to prepare the leather dye that matches the color of your sofa. So after the slime stain is clean you can recolor your leather sofa to make it look better.

3.Clean oily slime stains

Oily stains are one of those stains that are very difficult to clean and if you leave oily stains it will be very difficult to clean with white vinegar or alcohol. The best way to clean oily stains is to use baby powder or cornstarch.

baby powder and cornstarch will absorb the grease that sticks to your sofa so that your sofa will dry without leaving oil.

Here are the steps  to use baby powder to remove oil on the couch;

  1. Sprinkle baby powder or cornstarch on the surface of the sofa with the oily stain
  2. Leave it for a few hours
  3. Remove baby powder or cornstarch with a vacuum cleaner
  4. brush using a toothbrush
  5. Repeat a few times if needed, until your sofa is clean

If using the method above is not effective for removing oily stains on the sofa, you can add dry cleaning Solvent to remove oil.

Final verdict

Cleaning the couch from slime stains is a hard job but if you use the right materials and methods your sofa and couch will look like a new one. With the powerful methods described above, you don’t need to worry if your child drops the slime on the sofa.

With 3 methods how to get slime out of the couch above, which ways have you tried to get rid of slime stains on your sofa and couch? Cleaning slime using white vinegar, Cleaning slime on a leather couch with mild dish soap or Cleaning oily slime stains with baby powder?

Share your experience the best way to get slime out of couch in the comment’s column

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