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Complete Guide to clean urine from couch

clean urine from couch

How to clean urine from couch – sofa is the most comfortable place for animals to take a nap or accompany you to watch TV, besides that the couch is also a comfortable place for you to put your baby. However, if you have babies or pets such as dogs and cats, urine stain and smell is something you will often experience.

If it is your first time experiencing your couch peeing by your baby or cats the first thing you will feel is stress and irritation. It comes to your mind whether I should buy a new sofa? But then you think if you buy a new sofa the same problem will arise. Therefore The best thing is to try to clean it and make this case not happen again.

In this article, we will discuss completely how to easily clean stains and smells of urine on a sofa without having to damage its texture and color.

Let’s jump to the first tips

1. Clean urine from microfiber couch

Most of the sofas at home are made of microfiber, because they are easy to clean and also very durable. However, for urine stains, even though they have been cleaned, they sometimes leave an unpleasant odor. Here is the best way to Clean urine from a microfiber couch.

  1. If this just happen, clean your sofa as soon as possible with a towel to avoid urine gets absorbed into the cushion
  2. Spray your couch with a mixture of 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 warm water. Spray until very wet. White vinegar solution can remove stains.
  3. Use a soft brush, you can use a tooth brush and scrub until it doesn’t leave stains.
  4. Dry with a towel
  5. After the sofa is dry, sprinkle a baking soda. And leave it for a few hours
  6. Clean the baking soda using a vacuum cleaner
  7. If you still smell bad odor, spray with Febreze to get rid of the urine smell completely.

As I mentioned before, a microfiber sofa is one of the most used sofas in our home, besides that, leather sofas are also one of favorites sofas used in our home. to clean the smell of urine on leather sofas requires different attention and handling, here are the following a complete, effective and easiest way:

2.Clean urine from leather couch

Cleaning urine from a leather sofa will be very troublesome, but if it is not treated quickly, the damage will be even worse. Luckily, cleaning peefrom couches can be easily done with the help of some household products and commercial cleaners.

For the cleaning process for leather sofas, you can use white vinegar and baking soda and the process is the same as cleaning microfiber sofa. Besides that, you can try other alternatives by using the natural method to get rid of urine odor on leather sofas. Here are the steps that you can follow:

  1. Combine 1 liter of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 1 tablespoon of liquid soap.
  2. Spray onto the leather with a bottle sprayer.
  3. Rub with a fiber cloth
  4. Let it dry then apply a leather conditioner to keep the leather shiny

before spraying the liquid make sure to try it a little bit on the back of the sofa to see the reaction. One of the negative reactions that occurs is the fading color of leather. If this happens you can use a leather dye to make the color back to normal

3.Clean urine from suede couch

Most suede couches are sensitive to water and will leave water stains when cleaned with a water-based material. The best way to clean the couch is to use enzymatic urine cleaner. One of the best enzymatic urine cleaners on the market is pet n kids odor remover. Here are the steps to clean dog peefrom suede couch

  1. Spray the pet n kids odor remover and cleaner thoroughly on the stain and let it dry.
  2. Take a damp cloth and wipe off any residue as this will attract dirt. Once dry, wrap the suede in a dry towel.
  3. Repeat until the stain and smell are gone

It is highly recommended to protect your sofa using suede protector that can protect your couch from water and make your couch more waterproof with pee in the future

4.Clean urine from velvet couch

Velvet couches can be a little more difficult to clean than other sofa materials because when cleaning it, you have to be careful to avoid “crushing” the fibers on the velvet sofa.

It is important to know the type of material on your furniture before cleaning it. polyester velvet can be cleaned at home with care. For couches made of acetate, rayon, or silk velvet, professional cleaning is highly recommended because they are very sensitive and can be easily damaged during cleaning process

There are 2 ways you can clean dog urine from Velvet couch. Wet method and Dry method. Here are the steps to help you successfully remove stains without damaging them.

Wet method velvet couch

  1. If this happens, soak up as much of the liquid spilled on the velvet as possible, with a towel
  2. Mix dish soap or shampoo, water and stir until foamy.
  3. Put the sponge in liquid foam and scrub the stain until clean using sponge
  4. Use a towel to dry the wet surface.
  5. Use a hairdryer or fan to speed up the drying process.
  6. If you still can smell the urine, use pet n kids odor remover, spray it on the smelly part of Velvet and let it dry
  7. Use a soft brush if the velvet looks wrinkled

Dry method velvet couch

If your velvet couch can’t be cleaned using water based cleaner, you can dry clean your couch velvet yourselves without using vinegar

  1. If the velvet is still wet, use a towel to absorb the liquid.
  2. Apply dry cleaning Solvent to the sponge and rub the stain repeatedly. Let the cleaner dry completely on the cloth.
  3. use a hairdryer or fan to dry it as quickly as possible.
  4. If you still feel the smell of urine, put baking soda on top and let it sit for a few hours
  5. Clean the remaining baking soda with a vacuum cleaner

5. clean urine from couch cushions

Here are the best ways to get rid of animal and baby pee from cushion

  1. Prepare a towel. Press on it to absorb urine.
  2. Flush thoroughly with cold water. To make sure urine is gone.
  3. Press the area again with the towel to remove as much water as you can.
  4. Combine 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and a little dish soap or shampoo to make homemade cleanser and odor remover.
  5. Dip a towel in the liquid. Rub gently, being careful not to damage the cushion with harsh friction.
  6. Rinse by spraying warm water.
  7. Use a towel to absorb the excess water and Let the pillow dry overnight.

That is the easiest way that has proven to work to clean cushion from urine.

Final verdict

Now you know an effective way to clean various types of sofas from stains and smells of urine. So, you don’t have to be afraid anymore and worry about your baby and your pet playing on the sofa.

If you have a problem with the urine smells and stains on your sofa, make sure to use a waterproof couch cover to protect it from animal and baby pee

Share your experiences in cleaning your sofa so far from stains and smells of animal and baby pee in the comments section.

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