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5 Best Tips to Fix large hole in leather couch

How to fix large hole in leather couch

How to fix large hole in leather couch – If you have a big hole in your couch, you might be thinking how to fix it without having to spend a lot of money?

Large holes on the sofa or couch are caused by many factors, generally large holes are caused by scratches by sharp objects and lack maintenance. to repair torn and hole on leather or vinyl sofa, there are 5 easy ways;

  1. Patching the couch with leather tape
  2. Fix it with a leather repair kit
  3. Sew it (if possible)
  4. Fix it using leather glue
  5. Use a professional sofa repair service

Now you got a short answer. But Why should you fix my torn leather sofa quickly?

Reason to fix big hole in leather couch immediately

Be careful when caring for your leather couch, leather that lacks maintenance will easily be damaged. It can fade with age and your pets can tear the couch and it will peel off. With all that problems you don’t have to worry and buy a new one because buying a new sofa is very expensive and it is impossible to throw your old sofa because it may have some memories

When you see signs of damage to your sofa, act quickly. if you let the damage get worse without being repaired immediately it will make the sofa harder to repair and spend a lot of money to fix it.

Enough talking, here are 5 best ways to fix a torn leather or vinyl sofa

1.Patching the sofa with leather tape

If you are a beginner in repairing holes in leather or vinyl sofa, this method is the safest and easiest way to do because it does not require special skills. The most important thing and must be considered when using leather tape is to choose the color of the tape the same with your sofa color.

How to use leather tape

  1. Clean the sofa area using alcohol
  2. Peel of leather tape
  3. Patch leather tape to the torn area
  4. Press using your hand or bottle with hot water.

Using leather tape, you don’t need to add any glue. Another advantage if you use leather tape is flexible enough to stick over the curved

2. Use leather repair kit

Other alternative if you don’t want to use a leather tape to fix the hole in your sofa you can also use leather repair kits available that you can get on amazon

You will get a cleaner, conditioner and dye to allow you to match the color of your repair to the existing sofa when you buy a leather repair kit. You can easily find this tool on Amazon.

Steps to repair a broken sofa with a leather repair kit

  1. Clean the sofa using alcohol
  2. Cut the backing fabric and adjust it to the size of the sofa you want to patch
  3. Put the backing fabric into the torn skin
  4. Use leather glue to make the backing fabric stick perfectly
  5. Apply repair compound and let it dry
  6. Use sandpaper to make a nice-looking surface
  7. Recoloring the surface

With this tool you will easily repair damaged sofa leather to make it look like a new one.

3 Sew it (if possible)

Do you have good skills in using needle and thread? If your couch is torn at the seam, all you have to do is sew it again.

just like sewing your torn shirt you only need to follow the previous stitch pattern. You will need to prepare a leather needle, thread and glue if needed.

If the couch hole is too large and is in the middle of the couch surface, this method will not be effective for repairing your sofa. Use leather tape or sofa repair kit to fix the damage

4. Fix it using leather glue

In addition to the three methods above to fix your sofa and couch, you can also use leather glue.

For small hole, apply leather glue using a toothpick at back part of leather, pull both sides, Wipe the excess glue and add skin dye

For bigger holes and torn, you will need to use a patch. Cut a piece of leather replacement, of the same color as the existing leather, and glue it in place.

If the damage to your sofa is too severe and you are not sure to fix it yourself, try to contact a professional repair service

5.  Use a professional repair service

While some leather repairs can be done on your own, it’s often the best job left to the experts. What looks like an easy fix can cause more harm than good if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you use a professional sofa repair service with minor damage it can cost anywhere from $ 95 to $ 150. For major damage can cost $ 550 to $ 1,200

however, if you repair it yourself you only need to spend about 20 dollars to buy the equipment needed

The best way to save money is to take care and maintain your sofa as good as possible


How to prevents the leather sofa from tearing?

to prevent your leather sofa from tearing, you must know the causes of damage to a torn leather sofa, among others

  • Couch holes from smoking
  • Sharp objects
  • Leather sofa that is old and lack of maintenance
  • Couch Bitten or scratched by pets

To prevent the above problems, do regular maintenance, and use a sofa cover to prevent tearing or holes from pets and cigarette smoke.

Final verdict

Which of the five methods above would you choose to repair your hollow sofa?

Patch the sofa with leather tape, fix it with a leather repair kit, sew it, fix it using leather glue, Use a professional sofa repair service. Which one is easier for you?

After you repair your broken sofa, you will no longer hesitate to buy furniture made from leather. Because with proper care, leather sofas or other leather furniture can last a long time and remain elegant.

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