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3 Best way to fix sagging couch spring

Fix broken couch spring

How to fix sagging couch spring – the most common problem in a couch and sofa is torn and stains that are difficult to clean, another problem that is most often experienced by sofas is sagging couch spring.

Broken spring sofa and couch occurs  because it is too old, overused and overloaded, making the couch spring to become less elastic and damaged.

In general, there are two choices when you experience a broken spring sofa, throw it away or call a professional sofa repair service.  Professional services can cost you $200-250 for single cushion restuffed and reupholstered. And $1000-2000 for Full couch reupholstery, restuffing and repairs to spring and backboards. You’re probably asking, can I fix the spring sofa problem by myself? Yes you absolutely can fo it!!

In this article we will provide an alternative way to fix a broken sofa by only spending less than 50 dollars. so that you can confidently fix a broken sofa by yourself even if you don’t have prior experience.

How to fix a broken couch spring easily?

Before repairing a broken spring the very first thing you do is identify the damage. Not all damage problems are caused by broken springs. Sometimes the spring is okay but the spring connecting wire is broken.

Once you find the source of the damage you need to know the type of spring that was damaged.

Generally there are two types of spring mostly used in our home. sofa spring coil and spring zigzag. The latest sofa production generally uses a zigzag spring and the older version sofa commonly generally using a spring coil.

To find out what kind of spring is broken you need to take your sofa apart or look at your sofa from underneath or flip it over. If you know what type of spring is damaged, it’s time to move on to the next step

1. Fix Broken Zigzag Spring Easily

If you know the main damage is your spring zigzag, you can purchase it on Amazon.

To identify the damage, you can visibly notice it, such as the spring was broken and bent. If you find a loose bracket you can use a drill or screwdriver to secure it. Here’s an easy and complete way to fix a spring zigzag back to normal:

  1. Remove cushion from couch and put on clean surface
  2. Remove staple on light fabric that cover the spring using staple puller to expose the spring
  3. Find the broken spring. a broken spring usually breaks and bends. You can also feel the broken spring when you sit on your couch.
  4. Measure the size of spring length. This measurement will be the length of spring you order on amazon. If you already have a new spring. Go to next steps
  5. Remove the wire from the spring. wire is useful for binding springs to one another in order to strengthen the spring. To repair a broken spring you have to remove the wire first
  6. Remove the damaged zigzag spring using a screw driver or drill
  7. Replace the damaged zigzag spring with a new one
  8. Reattach the wire. You can use the old wire if it’s still in good condition, or use a new and strong one
  9. Repeat the installation of the broken spring until everything is installed
  10. Put it back the light fabric and staple it again
  11. Put the cushion back on top of your couch. And all steps is complete

Make sure to always use hand gloves when you fix the spring because sharp metals can injure your skin.

If your sofa problem lies in the damage to the spring coil, here’s the complete steps

2. Fix Broken Coil Spring Easily

Repairing a broken coil spring is more difficult than repairing a zigzag spring. The most common problem with a coil spring is broken wire and make coil springs shifting from its original place due to overload.

If the problem is due to a broken wire and if the wire is made of metal you can use a connector

Fix broken wire on coil spring 

The connector for connecting the wire and spring you can buy on Amazon for a very cheap price of less than 10 dollars. Here are the easiest steps to Fix broken wire on coil spring:

  1. Place your couch upside down
  2. Find where the wire broke
  3. Connect the broken wire with a connector using a screwdriver and pliers.
  4. Repeat until all broken wires are completely connected

Another damage that often occurs to the coil spring is a broken webbing. To fix it is quite difficult, here’s how to fix broken couch spring

3. Fix broken webbing and coil spring

If your broken couch is made from coil spring and webbing all you have to do is sew it to fix it. Here are easy steps to fix broken sofa webbing and coil spring:

  1. Remove cushion from sofa and put it on clean surface
  2. Place your sofa upside down
  3. Find out where the damage occurred
  4. If the webbing breaks, measure how long the break is and buy a new webbing and adjust the size accordingly.
  5. Get off the old webbing
  6. Install the new webbing following the old webbing pattern. Make sure the webbing is tight and not loose.
  7. Sew the webbing and spring that you just installed using thick and strong thread
  8. Repeat until all the damaged webbing has been repaired

Some of the spring coil and webbing are not even stitched. Webbing follows a crisscross pattern with a spring coil. However, if you want to get maximum results, you should sew both of them to make them stronger.

sewing skills are required and an advantage point if you want to repair a broken spring coil.

Final verdict

Those are the 2 methods to fix couch spring. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. In fact, the method above is very easy to do. What are you waiting for? Try now the method to fix your broken sofa.

With that method, now you don’t need to worry if there is a broken spring on your sofa. You don’t have to throw your sofa or spend hundreds of dollars to fix it

Have you ever tried the two methods above? Give your experience in repairing a broken spring couch or sofa in the comments section

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