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Complete guide to restuff couch cushion like a new one

restuff foam cushion

How to restuff couch cushion – The most common problem for all sofa owners is sagging. Generally, there are 2 main problems that can cause the sofa sagging: a broken couch spring and inelastic cushion foam due to overuse. If you find no damage with your couch spring, it’s time to re-stuff cushion foam.

Re-stuffing cushion foam looks complicated, can I do it by myself? Yes, you can restuff your sofa cushion by yourself. Restuffing your sofa with a good foam will make your sofa look taller, softer and not sagging so it will be more comfortable to use. Here’s an easiest way restuffing your sofa cushions that are easy to follow.

1.Choose the best foam filling

The first step if you want to restuff your couch cushion is to choose the right filling that fit your preferences. foam filling defines softness and comfort. There are 3 Best filling materials that can be used to restuff your sofa: polyurethane foam, memory foam and polyfill.

polyurethane foam

polyurethane foam is one of most favorite foam for restuffing couch cushion. You can choose the type of softness level, such as extra firm, medium firm, high density, low density. polyurethane foam is very suitable for restuffing sofa cushions that have zipper because you can easily remove old foam and add a new layer polyurethane foam.

Before buying, make sure to measure the foam that you want to buy with the cushion you have. Measure the size and adjust it to your needs. If you don’t know about the exact size of your foam cushion, buy the bigger size because you can cut it later using an electric knife.

Memory foam

Memory foam is widely used in premium mattresses. Because it has various health benefits including: Optimal support and comfort, pressure-point relief, Reduces transfer of movement and Dust mite resistant.

Besides using polyurethane foam, you can also restuff and replace your couch cushion with memory foam. However, memory foam is more expensive than polyurethane foam. Memory foam is also very suitable for restuffing couch cushions that have a zipper.


Polyfil is Polyester Fiberfill material which is a synthetic fiber generally used for doll material, upholstery for sofas and chairs. has a small shredded foam shape so that it can adjust to various shapes. polyfill is suitable for restuffing couch cushions without zipper.

2. Restuff couch cushions with memory foam

memory foam is a type of foam that is used as a mattress, pillows and toppers.

It has been explained the various health benefits using memory foam. If you are interested in restuffing your sofa using memory foam to make it more comfortable to use, here’s the easiest way to restuffing couch cushions with memory foam

  1. Remove the foam from the cushion cover
  2. Measure the length and width of the cushion you want to cover
  3. Buy memory foam according to the size you are measuring
  4. Cut memory foam to size
  5. Spray foam adhesive and stick the old foam with memory foam and let the adhesive dry
  6. Put foam on the cushion

Memory foam can cost two to three times more than polyurethane foam, but for maximum comfort using memory foam is a smart choice.

3.Restuff couch cushion with Zipper

If you have a cushion using Zipper you can use polyurethane foam or memory foam for restuffing. Here is the easiest way restuff couch cushion with Zipper:

  1. Clean the cushion using a vacuum cleaner
  2. Open the Zipper and remove the foam from the cushion cover. You can wash the cushion cover if it is dirty.
  3. Cut the foam, determine the thickness you want and measure the length and width according to the previous size
  4. Use spray adhesive to adhere the foam to the top of the existing cushion
  5. Once it has been dry, put back the foam into the cushion cover.

Not all foam can be pulled out of the cushion cover. There are many sofas that cannot be removed so it is very difficult to restrain and remove the foam from the cushion. If this is what you experienced, the method below is perfect for you.

4. Restuff a couch cushion that is attached

If you want to restuff cushion covers without having to remove the foam from your sofa, you can use a poly-fil that adds volume and makes your couch cushion softer.

A sofa cushion that is attached usually has a hidden zipper which you can find at the bottom of the cushion. Here are the easiest steps to restuff a couch cushion that is attached without replacing foam

  1. Reach the bottom of couch cushion
  2. Find hidden zipper and unzip 
  3. Insert the poly-fil to your cushion like you put the spices in a turkey. Insert the polyfil until it is full. You can use a ruler to align the corners
  4. Repeat all processes until all of your cushions are fully filled.
  5. Unzipped the zipper

Do it slowly and make sure all corners of your cushion are evenly filled so that there is no bumpy surface of the cushion


How much does it cost to Restuff a couch?

If you restuff your couch yourself, it costs around 20 – 50 dollars to buy foam or poly fill depending on the size and quality of the foam itself. But if you call a professional sofa repair service, it will cost you over 200 bucks just for restuffing. It can cost more than 500 bucks if you paint your 3-seater sofa.

What is the best foam density for couch cushions?

When looking for foam for upholstery, you have options for high density and medium density. So, what’s the difference?

Density correlates with durability and high-density foam will last longer. A daily use sofa would be better using high density foam as it will hold the best over time but for weekly use or occasional use sofa, medium density foam would be perfect.

If you want to use your sofa for outdoor use, you’ll want foam that dries easily, so a medium density is a good choice because it’s designed to let water flow through rather than absorbing it like a sponge.

So, you will need high density foam for indoor use and medium density for infrequent use and for outdoor applications

Final verdict. 

That’s how-to restuffing couch cushion to make it more comfortable. If cleaned regularly and restuff using soft foam. your sofa will look new like you bought it for the first time and very comfortable to use. a comfortable sofa is the best place for you to spend your days with your family at home.

Share your experience when restuffing your couch cushion in the comments section!!

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